We began over 35 years ago with the intention of starting a hydro-turbine company that was unique in the industry. Our uniqueness comes from exceptional skills in hydro-turbine and pump 设计 and 制造业 which leads to a strong focus around the concept of “total service. “

The 十大电子游艺网站的水电 promise of “total service” is the foundation of our company and is found in every step of our process from sales to commissioning. Our team of dedicated employees utilizes their extensive knowledge and experience to ensure your project meets your expectations.

十大电子游艺网站水电,我们热爱我们的工作. We maintain great pride and enthusiasm for each relationship we forge with our customers. These valued alliances are at the core of how our business has continued to grow and succeed.


十大电子游艺网站水电公司,我们明白涡轮机是发电厂的核心. 水力涡轮机需要高效工作,而且需要经久耐用. We are committed to the future of our customers and that of the hydropower industry by continuing to provide the best products and services on the market. 我们每天都致力于客户和员工的安全.  Every customer has a unique set of technical challenges that require 创造性的解决方案 to achieve increased 可靠性 and revenue. We accomplish this task with every project we undertake by leading the industry in hydropower technology analytics, 卓越的工程设计和智能项目管理技术.

十大电子游艺网站的水电 is proud to have built and refurbished hundreds of hydro turbines throughout the world. We strive to continue providing our services on a global level and want to welcome any new customers to the 十大电子游艺网站的水电 family and thank our established customers for the support and sense of community that we have created together. We don’t just build turbines; we build relationships based on trust.


十大电子游艺网站水力发电公司是一家传统的水力发电公司. 我们尊重行业的历史,并在此基础上努力工作, 不断努力提高涡轮性能, 可靠性, 为我们的客户带来收入. 30多年来, 十大电子游艺网站水电公司的设计一直是水电行业的领导者, 制造业, 高性能水轮机的升级和维修, 水泵涡轮和大型泵.

十大电子游艺网站的水电 was founded in 1986 by four engineers who recognized that the hydropower industry lacked a manufacturer who specialized in the upgrade and rehabilitation of turbines and turbine components.  十大电子游艺网站水电公司是填补这一空白的完美解决方案.

通过将“服务型公司”的理念引入水电行业, as well as providing unparalleled upgrades using cutting-edge technology and proprietary computer based 设计, 十大电子游艺网站的水电 found immediate success in not only resolving complex turbine issues, 而是大幅度提高了涡轮机的功率, 效率和抗气蚀性.. This success is in no small part due to our original team of engineers who revolutionized the industry with their advanced computer 设计 and analysis software. 今天 we continue to provide high-performance hydro turbine 设计s through advanced technology, 就像我们30年前做的那样.


自1986年以来, 十大电子游艺网站的水电 has offered custom hydropower solutions and turbine services to North America, 欧洲, 拉丁美洲和世界各地的部分地区. 无论你是一个独立拥有的电力生产商, 公用事业, 或者是政府机构, 十大电子游艺网站水电公司可以帮助您获得更多的电力和效率,从您的涡轮机. 我们制造了一些最好的水力涡轮机, 泵涡轮和大型泵在世界上, 以及提供定制的解决方案,在升级和恢复您的单位, 这将显著提高性能和延长机组的寿命.

作为“服务公司”,” 十大电子游艺网站的水电 offers a broad range of services to the hydropower industry including full service modernization and new turbine equipment, 工程设计与分析, 涡轮机升级和修复, 现场服务和测试, 现场加工, 和调试.

我们的客户对我们很重要. We focus on establishing lasting relationships that extend well beyond the commissioning of your hydro turbine units. 我们不仅为您的水电需求提供完整的解决方案, 十大电子游艺网站的水电 provides expertise in everything from the conceptual 设计 of a project to the operation and maintenance of your power station. 我们还提供知识渊博的售后支持. 无论您的水电需求是什么,我们都随时为您服务.

十大电子游艺网站的水电 continues to pioneer the hydropower industry with our experience and ever-advancing technology. We are proud to be a leader in the hydropower industry having provided hundreds of upgraded machines that we’ve 设计ed, 制造和安装在世界各地. 当你选择十大电子游艺网站水电公司, 你不仅收到了高质量的产品, 但我们的专业团队会全程支持你.


With experienced regional sales representatives who are available to support you and provide you with face-to-face contact and support your need in the development and execution of your project.

我们的工程师团队提供经验, 创造性的解决方案, 最先进的软件和可访问性,我们的组织的每一个层面. The proposal development team works to understand your needs and wants both technically and commercially to support your budget development as well as formal proposal and final contract negotiation.

我们的项目经理拥有各种各样的才能, 产品知识, experience and management skills that support your project toward complete success. 我们在约克的制造工厂有项目经理, PA, 十大电子游艺网站允许他们掌握每个发展阶段的知识, 确保工作按时按预算完成.


销售副总裁 & 市场营销


工程副总裁 & 质量

现场服务副总裁 & 项目管理


Another difference that sets 十大电子游艺网站的水电 apart from other major turbine manufacturers is our ability to 设计, 建造和制造和安装大多数涡轮组件内部. 采用计算机驱动的热成形和数控加工技术, we can shape hot material into very complex shapes giving us endless possibilities in fabricating a variety of turbine parts. 这使我们能够更快地控制供应链, more cost-conscious project; a win-win for both us and our clients.

十大电子游艺网站的水电 has an extensive staff of trained and experienced field service representatives to oversee the installation, 维护和修理任何您的涡轮机的需要. From diagnosis of operational issues to installation of complete new units, we are there to help. 除了, 十大电子游艺网站的水电 has developed a training program to educate the next generation of field service representatives to support your needs today and in the future.

十大电子游艺网站的水电 takes full responsibility for every aspect of the project life cycle from initial concept, 设计, 制造业, 安装和维修. With us, you have a team of professionals here to help for the entirety of the project and beyond. Our relationship with our customers doesn’t stop once the turbine starts to generate power. If you should need any assistance or field servicing for your turbine at any point, 无论白天黑夜,我们都是您的服务伙伴. We offer the best service possible and an exceptional product that generates at peak levels for decades.